The correísta political project comes before everything else, including the interest of the people, the constitution and democracy. Although the act of nationalizing private assets is illegal and unconstitutional, Correa confiscated the assets, businesses and television channels belonging to the Isaias Group in order to finance his political agenda and assemble its state propaganda machine.

The “revolution” justifies everything

For Rafael Correa, his “revolutionary” political agenda comes before all else. It comes before the interest of the people, the constitution and even democracy. Everything is justified in name of the “revolution.” That enables him to violate the constitution, manipulate justice, judicially persecute whomever he chooses, suppress liberties such as the freedom of speech and to declare himself head of all of the branches of government. This all makes sense within his extreme ideology which he emulates from Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Belarus as he seeks to illegitimately perpetuate his reign of power.

Currently, Rafael Correa controls all the branches of government as he wishes: executive, legislative, judicial, electoral, constitutional and citizen participation. Furthermore, by confiscating the Isaias Group’s television channels and adding them to the long list of governmental media, he now also controls the nation’s media.

The “holiday” of the confiscation

On July 8, 2008, Rafael Correa’s regime confiscated assets pertaining to Isaias Group valued at more than 1 billion US dollars. Approximately, 900 assets were confiscated under his administration, initially through the Agency of Guaranteed Deposits (AGD), which were later transferred to the Unit for Management and Execution of Public Law for the Trust Fund AGD-CFN No more Impunity (UGEDEP), which was headed by his cousin Pedro Delgado

During nearly six years of this government’s administration of the confiscated assets, it sold assets worth $285 million dollars, which corresponds to the shares of seven companies, real estate, fishing vessels and vehicles priced at ridiculously low prices. The regime conceals information on the remaining property and has created a legal minefield to cover up the state of collapse of the confiscated property so that it could protect the corrupt administrators and constantly evade accountability.